1. weiliwonka:

    Day 20 : CHEAT!

    A WIP for a project I’m working on ( thus I am cheating for inktober.) still WIP forgive me


  2. weiliwonka:

    Day 19 : meow

    I wanted to try fatty fat cats cause I have so many friends who just love cats.


  3. things-as-i-know-them:

    Are you uncomfortable already? Because I am.



  5. There was actually a stage direction on the script that said ‘Silence. Eyebrows.’
    — Jenna Coleman, Armageddon panel (via mishasmaiden)

  6. oswinlefay:

    Clara Oswald Series 8 Fashion

    • Mummy on the Orient Express

  7. weiliwonka:

    Day 18 : Unknown beast

    Knight 0  | Beast 118277665432 + 1



  9. s-u-w-i:

    Bilbo, Thorin, Dís, Fili, Kili - family sleeping picture (..uhuh well..more like me drawing stupid things >< )

    this picture is for all the amazing Hobbit-fanfictions writers :3 

    (via aconsultingdetective)


  10. matsuri-m:

    Puppy Cat siratama zenzai


    (via fyeahbeeandpuppycat)